MTG Card Sleeves – Stand Out and Play Safe

Card sleeves are an awesome gift and the perfect upgrade for any card game. If you play anything from Magic: The Gathering, to YuGiOh!, to The World of Warcraft Trading Card game you may have noticed other players covering their cards with what we call sleeves. In fact, if you are ever able to watch a high end local tournament you will notice practically all of the top players are using sleeves.

What are these sleeves good for? Sleeves, for MTG and other games generally serve a dual purpose. First of all they keep your cards protected. If you have ever played in a local tournament or even at home with friends you should know that a playing area is full of dangers. Anything from a spilled drink, a bump in the playing table, or your teammates greasy fingers can slowly start to degrade your cards until they are no longer playable. Card sleeves are designed to prevent all but the most disastrous damage to your cards. They prevent damaged corners, scratches, general play wear, and even keep the cards from bending too much during shuffling.

Finally, MTG card sleeves just look awesome! The sleeve companies are coming out with new colors every day and many are even starting to make designs on the back of sleeves like dragons, angels, and even card artwork!

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